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Allocation, Supply & Limitations
Skeptic Token and First Skeptic NFTs are intertwined in terms of redeemable for each other via the Skeptic Vault. There will be a total max supply of 50,000,000 SKP and 250 NFTs. The conversion rate is 200,000 per NFT. Tokens in circulation will depend on how many NFTs are owned at any given time. We will initially sold 120 NFTs, which removes 24,000,000 tokens from supply (48%). The remaining 26,000,000 were used as follows:
Initial Liquidity (40%)
SKP/BNB - 10,000,000 SKP View Locker
SKP/XUSD - 10,000,000 SKP View Locker
Liquidity will be on a repetitive 6 month lock. This lock will continue to get renewed as long as there is no reason to move the Liquidity Pools elsewhere.
Reserve (10%)
5,000,000 SKP View Locker
At 10% of total max supply, this reserve will be used for potential future DEX listings and a potential Liquidity Pool Farm for SKP. This reserve will be on a repetitive 3 month lock for 1 year. Any tokens not used from this reserve after 1 year will be burned.
Giveaways/Lottery/Promotional (2%)
1,000,000 SKP
These tokens will be used for lottery prizes, community giveaways, promotional events, collaborative events, etc. Any tokens not used after 6 months will be burned.