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Skeptic Token (SKP)

Address: 0x1234AE511876FCAaCe685fcDC292d9589A88dC2b
The primary purpose of SKP will be to serve the DeFi Skeptic ecosystem. Skeptic Token (SKP) will integrate with some of the DeFi Skeptic products and services and act as a utility token for the DeFi Skeptic ecosystem. Depending on the integration, this may result in tokens being burned, used as payment or directed towards other features of the DeFi Skeptic ecosystem, all with the purpose of benefiting the platform.
Additionally, SKP will be the gateway to merge failing/failed projects through acquisition of funds & users through our DS Merge utility. Note, this secondary purpose is in development and not to be expected at the time of SKP launching.
Skeptic Tokens are also interchangeable with First Skeptic NFTs. More details can be found in the Skeptic Vault section.