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NFT Details

NFT Details:
  • Initial price of 1 BNB.
  • Limited set of 250 total NFTs.
  • There is no max to how many NFTs any individual can own.
  • NFTs and Skeptic Tokens are interchangeable via the Skeptic Vault.
  • Each NFT is unique with its own number. NFTs 1-50 will be "Rare" with individual designs. NFTs 51-250 will be "Common" with the same design. NFT minting is randomized, providing a fair chance for everyone!
Proceeds Usage:
DeFi Skeptic will use the BNB received from the First Skeptics NFT sale to provide initial funding to Skeptic Tokens liquidity, The Skeptic Fund and marketing.
Type Overview:
Common 50-249
Rare 0-49
Permanent Benefits
  • The First Skeptics NFT set will receive 3% of all Skeptic Token (SKP) buys & sells.
  • Skeptic Token (SKP) employs AaaS to realize profit between our SKP/BNB and SKP/XUSD liquidity pools. 50% of this profit will be directed to all First Skeptic NFT holders.
  • The First Skeptics NFT set will also receive 40% of the of the Skeptic Funds interest as its harvested.
  • 10% of funds received from our products & services.
  • Everything "Common" gets.
  • Additionally, Rare holders 0-49 are entered into a monthly lottery where the prizes range from BNB, Tokens, NFTs (both from DeFi Skeptic and other projects).
  • Additional "Rare" NFT holder benefits may be added at a later date.