DeFi Skeptic
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The Team

Chris Founder of DeFi Skeptic
After witnessing numerous scams, exploits and bad behavior within the DeFi space, Chris decided to take action into his own hands. DeFi Skeptic was launched to create a platform that could independently audit a project in its entirety. This idea has grew into a much larger vision where DeFi Skeptic intends to provide multiple products & services with the goal of bettering DeFi as a whole. Chris has over 10 years of professional experience within the quality assurance, risk management and project management fields of occupation.
I want to make DeFi as easy and safe as buying a cup of coffee.
Kieran Web & Cyber Security
Kieran is in the Cyber Security industry and truly believes that blockchain is the future of technology. He will be assisting with security protocols, dApp creation, and other cyber-related aspects within the DeFi Skeptic ecosystem. He will also help with community education by offering the best practices to remain safe in the crypto space. Kieran was a bit late to the crypto game, getting involved on and off back in 2016, only becoming very heavily involved three years later in late 2019. Having a love for blockchain technology and helping others, working with DeFi Skeptic allows him to fulfill both of those passions.
“Blockchain technology has an insane amount of potential to change the world for the better; the vast majority of people just don’t realize it yet.”
Jake Community Management
Jake is currently in the community service industry. While doing so he has learned what best works to help the community thrive as a team and grow towards the long term goals needed for success. He has learned that communication is one of the most important skills for success and will be helping to lead for healthy community relations.
“Communication is the key to community success”
Joseph UI & UX Designer
Joe is an experienced human factors engineer and UX designer. He has spent the vast majority of his career in the defense industry but recently transitioned to the medical industry. His passion for financial markets found its way into the crypto realm in 2013. Working for DeFi Skeptic allows him to both continue his passion for users by optimizing their experience, while furthering the development of valid crypto projects.